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What are some investment criteria you have? 

We consider investments in general internet, SaaS, e-commerce, mobile, and digital media companies. As pre-seed and seed stage investors, we prefer to be geographically close to our companies so have a strong preference for Los Angeles based companies. 

What do you look for in an investment?

Strong founding team - We prefer teams with both business and technical founders. We value drive and insight over just experience. We look for passion in solving real problems - not just "fad" industries and "me-too" companies.

Large potential markets - We are looking for industries and markets ripe for disruption or improvement with large potential outcomes.

Low capital requirements - We look for companies that don't require significant amounts of capital to get into revenue and customer adoption.

What is the best way to contact someone at Baroda Ventures?

We spend most of our time focused on businesses that are referred to us through trusted sources. These often come in through introductions from our co-investors, portfolio company founders, and other trusted sources.​
Before you submit a business plan or contact request via email, please do your research on shared connections or contacts who would be willing to make an introduction. If your network does not overlap with us, you can e-mail an Executive Summary or general request to                                         ventures . com ]. If we are interested, then we will follow up with you but due to the volume of inbound requests, we will followup ONLY if there is interest (esp if you are a broker or service provider). Part of what we look for in entrepreneurs and people we work with is resourcefulness and hustle - use these to get a good introduction and you'll have a much better chance of getting an audience.

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